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Local Garage Door Repair and Install Services

Five Star Garage Door Repair of Columbus is always here for any garage service that you need. If you need us to complete maintenance on your garage system, then please make an appointment. We can also come out and service your system for you as well.


If you are in need of garage maintenance, then our techs can come out and get your system serviced for you. We are always open for your convenience and we recommend these services be done on a regular basis. Maintenance will allow us to change out old parts and keep your system up to date.


We are always available to come out and inspect your garage door system. Our team of technicians can get your system inspected and all repairs completed for you very quickly. We know that inspection is an important service for your garage system and we ask that you make sure to have it done regularly.

Routine Services

Maintenance and inspection are two of the most recommended services that we offer. We want to make sure that your garage system continues to run properly and work well for you. These services also help you to be able to prevent future emergencies from happening.


We often run specials on our maintenance and inspection services for our customers. You can check out our facebook page for exclusive deals on these services. You can also browse our website or call us for complete details on these services.

Trained Technicians

All of our technicians have been properly trained on how to handle your system. They will make sure that all of your parts are running properly and check for parts that need replacing. If it has been a while since we have come out to your home, then we encourage you to make an appointment today.

Our Special Service

We offer a wide variety of services. Each one of our services are special because they serve a specific purpose for your garage system. If for any reason you need us to come out and service your system, then please do not hesitate to call us.

Five Star Garage Door Repair of Columbus is waiting to hear from you today. We ask that you please share our company with your friend and neighbors. You can even let them know about our special prices for our special services.