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Local Garage Door Repair and Install Services

Five Star Garage Door Repair of Columbus has many technicians that can come out and repair your garage system for you today. If you are need in of garage door repairs, then please call us. We do our best to keep all of our customers happy.

Repairing Your System

If you would like for us to come out and repair your garage system, then please let us know. Our technicians will be happy to come out and start to repair the damage to your system. We can repair any damage that is not too major today!

If the damage is more than minor, then we may have to replace the part on your system. We can get your part replaced for you immediately. It is very rare for us to have to order new parts. We generally have what we need in stock.

Emergency Repair

Our technicians can be out to your home within a couple of hours if you are experiencing an emergency. We keep technicians on call just for emergency reasons. You can also count on us to answer your emergency needs without the extra cost.

Same Day Repair

If you have a part that isn’t working the way that it should be, then we can come out and repair it for you. We know that it is very important for your garage door system to work properly for you. We do not want you to use your system if it is not working right.

This could put you at risk of being injured. We also ask that you only call a professional to come out and repair your garage doors. It is very important that you do not try and fix your system yourself as well.


We are very proud of our repairmen, each one of them have gone through extensive training in order to be equipped to handle your door. Each one of them has also had to complete many service hours of training so that they could gain the experience needed to go out into the field alone. If you have called us for garage service, then you will be pleased to know that our technicians will work very hard to make you happy.


Did you know that most of our parts come with a lifetime warranty from the supplier? Did you also know that you can purchase additional warranties from us to help give you even more peace of mind? Just give us a call and someone will be happy to answer all your questions about our warranties.

Best Services Around

Five Star Garage Door Repair of Columbus offers some of the highest quality service in the area. We are always open for your convenience. You can even call us at midnight and someone will come out to get your system fixed immediately.